Organizational Structure

The national group of Hungarian electricity companies – MVM Group – includes MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. and companies managed by it. The group of companies, being a competitive strategic holding, is the principal integrated participant of the national electricity market and plays a significant role in the regional electricity industry as well.

MVM Group has been operating as a recognized group of companies since 1 June 2007. Being a legal institution, the parent company, MVM Ltd., coordinates at the group level all business activities of all daughter companies by means of an efficiently operating, integrated management system. Despite the fact that MAVIR Ltd. Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company is a member of the group of companies from the ownership point of view, it is still not a part of a recognized group of companies due to its special situation.

Being a state-owned group of companies, MVM plays an important role in the implementation of the state’s responsibility in the area of supporting the achievement of targets relating to energy policy.

Organization Structure

Dr. Péter János Horváth
Pál Tóth
Deputy CEO
János Aradi
Director of Operation Support
Marianna Éva Sziklai
Director of Finance
Attila Varju
Director of Safety and Security
Zoltán Takács
Director of Plant Operations
László Nagy
Director of Technical Support
Attila Szabó
Director of Maintenance
Dr. Károly Gerse
Legal Director
Dr. Antal Kovács
Director of Communication
Governing bodies

The operation of the governing bodies of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. is regulated by Act IV of 2006 on Business Associations and Articles of Association of a public company limited by shares.

Board of Directors
The company is managed by the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly. The mandates are issued for an unlimited period of time; members can be re-elected and withdrawn by the General Assembly at any time. The Board of Directors is composed of at least three and maximum seven members; the Chairman is elected by the members of the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer may not be elected the Chairman of the Board of directors.
One of the most important tasks of the Board of Directors involves representation of the company in the courts, vis-à-vis the competent authorities and in relation to third parties. The BoD develops the organisational structure of the company and makes decisions with regard to the company’s Operational and Organisational Regulations.
At least once per year, the BoD prepares a statement on the company’s financial status and business policy to be presented annually to the General Assembly and every three months to the Supervisory Board.
Members of the Board of directors:

Károly Tamás Mátrai
Gábor Orbán
Csaba Kiss
László Gábor Kaszás
Dr. Péter János Horváth
Dr. Zsolt Gonda
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board comprises at least three and maximum six members, among them one or two members are appointed by the Works Committee. Members of the Supervisory Board are elected for an unlimited period of time, their mandates come into force upon acceptance. SB members may be re-elected and withdrawn at any time without explanation. 
The Supervisory Board discusses and approves the statement on the company’s financial situation and business policy prepared by the Board of Directors every three months, and prepares the annual statement of the Supervisory Board based on the financial statement issued by the Board of Directors pursuant to the Act on Accounting and a report prepared by the Auditor.
The Supervisory Board is established by the General Assembly with the purpose of inspecting the company’s management and Board of Directors. The inspection is carried out by the Supervisory Board as a corporate body or by its members with the involvement of experts, if necessary. 
The permanent invited participants of the Supervisory Board meetings – with advisory rights – are the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the auditor.
Members of the Supervisory Board:
Attila Steiner
Jácint Hatvani 
Sándor Csorba
Antal Eiterer
Péter István Harmath

The company’s auditor is elected by the General Assembly for the period lasting until the GA meeting closing the third business year after the election. Proposals related to the auditor’s organisation and the auditor’s person are made by the Board of Directors and are submitted to the General Assembly upon agreement with the Supervisory Board.
The task of the auditor is to carry out the audit specified in the Act on Accounting and to establish in the course thereof whether the company’s Financial Statement prepared pursuant to the Act on Accounting corresponds to the legal requirements and presents a reliable and actual picture of the company’s financial situation and operational results.