Along with its sponsorship activities, Paks Nuclear Power Plant is engaged in donor and charity actions. The company is continuously involved in help and assistance programmes, and work targeting disadvantaged social groups experiencing financial or health problems. The decision in respect of the few thousand requests for help and assistance received annually by MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. is made by the plant’s Chief Executive Officer following a thorough evaluation. The amount allocated annually for purposes related to sponsorship and assistance is determined by the company’s top management.

In June 2011 the Regional Development Foundation for the Energy of Our Future was established by the nuclear power plant. Beneficiaries of the sponsor support are municipalities and associations of concerned settlements, municipal institutions operating within their administrative area (municipalities, towns, counties) as well as economic entities under their representation operating in the field of civil construction, engineering and the electricity industry, as well as communal organisations.

Places covered by the foundation’s operations in the region of Paks are Bikács, Bölcske, Dunaföldvár, Dunaszentgyörgy, Gerjen, Györköny, Kajdacs, Madocsa, Nagydorog, Németkér, Paks, Pálfa, Pusztahencse and Sárszentlőrinc. In the region of Kalocsa they are Bátya, Drágszél, Dunapataj, Dunaszentbenedek, Dunatetétlen, Dusnok, Fajsz, Foktő, Géderlak, Hajós, Harta, Homokmégy, Kalocsa, Miske, Ordas, Öregcsertő, Solt, Szakmár, Uszód and Újtelek, while in the northern part of the region of Szekszárd they are Bogyiszló, Fadd, Fácánkert, Szedres, Szekszárd, Tengelic and Tolna.

A serious health-related problem in the environs of Paks is represented by the spread of ragweed. In the 1990s the foundation ‘Together Against Ragweed’ was established by the nuclear power plant. The foundation’s programme is regarded as the national example to follow and is implemented via a carefully planned public awareness campaign involving actions relating to thousands of citizens along with comprehensive cooperation on the part of the local community.

All the initiatives that can provide for an efficient contribution to the protection of our environment, both in the broad and narrow sense of the word, and for the assistance of areas affected by natural disasters are subject to priority treatment. The best result achieved during recent years in this field has been the establishment and operation of the Foundation for Regional Development of Duna-Mecsek Region. Great emphasis is placed on saving the Danube backwater and organising unique events, e.g. the Danube River swim. In addition, priority support is given to health care in Paks and its region for maintaining the high level of provided medical services, as well as their further improvement and modernisation.

The long-term safe operation of the nuclear power plant is based on the availability of well-trained and properly qualified personnel. Thus the issue of ensuring the presence of a workforce pool with the required numbers and qualifications is handled as a high priority. Due to the fact that special professional knowledge required for the nuclear power plant operation cannot be obtained within the framework of Hungarian school-based training, the nuclear power plant has implemented its own training organisation and associated infrastructure. The plant is the main sponsor of the Specialised Energetics Secondary School (ESZI) and the common purpose of the plant and the education institution is to create a national centre for energetics vocational training.

Among our wide and diverse relations with universities, our relations with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics should be mentioned. The students of this university can apply for a scholarship provided by the plant in the interests of ensuring the candidates’ pool for engineer positions.

MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. grants support and assists in the implementation at a high-quality level of initiatives, developments and projects that create or preserve human values. In the field of culture, one of the prominent sponsorship projects is the Power Plant of the Nation for the Theatre of the Nation. We also provide support to civil organisations and associations, as well as to churches.

Appropriate conditions for training are an integral part of achieving word-level sports results. By ensuring such conditions we support outstanding and talented representatives of various sports. MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., as a Gold Sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, provides assistance in the implementation of targets related to the Hungarian Olympic Movement and supports the successful performance of Hungarian Olympians in winter and summer Olympic Games.