"Our vision is to maximize and provide electricity generation within a long time period, at technically justified and optimal cost levels, giving priority to nuclear safety."

In order to achieve the objectives set out in our vision MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. relies on the following four pillars: 1) maintenance and continuous development of safety, 2) maximization of electricity production, 3) long-time provision of nuclear-based production, and 4) optimisation of costs.

In order to maintain and enhance safety, we carry out continuous inspections and evaluate the nuclear safety level and reliability of the installed technology, the safety performance of operational processes and practices, as well as the safety culture of internal and external organisations and their personnel participating in the operation. The basis for evaluations and implementation of further improvements is represented by the advanced ‘best practices’ of the international industry, the expectations of the European Union and national legislative requirements.

The maximization of production is to be achieved by means of increasing the availability factor of the installed capacities, examination of other possibilities for performance improvement and enhancement of the efficiency of operational processes, as well as through the increase of production safety.

Ensuring nuclear-based production for the long term is to be achieved through the service-life extension of the operating power units, support of the new power unit construction, preservation of the high social acceptance, as well as through the long-term assurance of human conditions for the operation.  In order to achieve the above-stated objectives we maintain nuclear safety at the level compliant with the leading international experiences and requirements.  We are keeping a close watch on the trends for further development and implement necessary developments.

In order to optimise costs we have to strengthen our economic strategy and improve  production sub-systems and the efficiency of human resources, which will allow us to explore reserves hidden in our operation.  One of the determining instruments in the optimisation of costs is the improvement of quality of resources planning and allocation via the development of controlling systems.  In the course of our business activity, the maximization of safe electricity generation is placed in focus. By means of extending the service life time, the nuclear power plant is planning to maintain its leading market position producing the maximum volume of electrical power at the cheapest price.

A key factor of our reliability is our disciplined work culture, together with our highly qualified and committed personnel. Special emphasis is placed on retaining the personnel required for sustainable operation and development, as well as on continuous professional growth.

As a part of our social responsibility related commitments, we pay special attention to the maintenance and further development of relationships with our partners in vicinity of the plant.

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Vision Values and Strategy of the MVM Nuvlear Power Plant 2019-2025