What you need to know prior to visiting us

The Information and Visitors Centre operating at the Nuclear Power Plant opened its doors to the public in 1995. You can come to our Information and Visitors Centre located half-way between Budapest and Pécs even without prior appointment. A human and nature-oriented interactive exhibition describes the place of nuclear energy in our everyday life with the help of easy to understand game-based panels, illustrations and mock-ups.

Similarly, without any prior registration you can also visit our Museum of Nuclear Energetics that can be reached from the side of the North Entry to the nuclear power plant. The museum is accommodated in the operational area of the plant, therefore you can visit it only upon showing a valid personal identification document with photo.

Those who seek further excitement and are over 16 year of age can visit the power plant’s operational area. Here in the course of one hour they can take a walk in the most interesting areas accompanied by an accredited guide. From the purpose-built glass corridors the working reactors and the control room can be observed. Visitors – after donning protective helmets – can enter the turbine hall and view the huge turbine-generator units up close.

For the field visit a preliminary appointment is necessary; tours are provided for groups consisting of a minimum 10 and maximum 40 visitors.

The Maintenance and Training Centre (KGYK) is a facility for carrying out training and refresher programmes preparing specialists for the nuclear power plant in compliance with high expectations. The centre comprises a full-scope reactor, a steam generator and other types of equipment assuring specific conditions for educational and training purposes.

Appointments for the above-mentioned facilities are handled by the employees of the Information and Visitors Centre.  

In order to avoid potential group overlaps, we kindly ask you to make an appointment for your visit one month prior to the visit. The operational area of the plant can be visited only on working days. We also offer the possibility of viewing our exhibition within the framework of study visits. Attendance is free of charge.

Those interested in getting acquainted with the radioactive waste management undertaken by the nuclear power plant can visit the show hall of the National Radioactive Waste Company Ltd. located in the vicinity of the nuclearpower plant (RHK) (http://www.rhk.hu/szolgaltatasok/paksi-bemutatoterem-latogatas/)

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