For the health of our staff

Improving the working conditions and living standard of our staff

Balanced and high-quality work performance is possible only if the relationship between the employer and employees is harmonious and mutually beneficial. Increased attention is paid by MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. to the health of its employees and to the further improvement of working conditions and living standards.

Within the framework of outstanding health care services, each employee is subject to an annual compulsory medical examination, which includes laboratory tests and examination by a general practitioner, as well as medical consultations, if necessary. Our company has a contractual relationship with a number of health-care institutions, thus facilitating and contributing to the medical treatment and rehabilitation of our employees and their families.

In 2006 a Health Care Centre was established with the purpose of creating a supporting environment that assists in the improvement of the life quality of our employees and their families, provides information about the methods of preventing physical and mental diseases and gives recommendations related to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. One of the most remarkable services offered by the Health Care Centre is dietetic consultation.

In order to promote health awareness and a healthy lifestyle among its employees, the company provides a wide range of sporting opportunities aimed at maintaining and protecting their health. We are the main sponsors of the Nuclear Power Plant Sports Association (ASE), which operates eight specialised sections supporting the employees’ requirements for sporting activities. The Tourist Section and Leisure Time Sports Section of ASE are among the two most popular specialised groups, attracting a great number of people.

By means of our health resorts located in Fadd-Dombori, Sopron and Balatonfüred we provide the company’s employees with the possibility of relaxing and having a rest.

In 2012 MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. won the title of ‘Employee Friendly Workplace’ within the framework of a tender competition announced by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources. In order to achieve success in similar forthcoming programmes, we continue to place increased emphasis on the organisation of family-oriented programmes and events that serve the purposes of relaxation and rest.

In 2007 our company established a Human Foundation operating as a legal entity and serving social and rehabilitation purposes. The primary target of the Foundation is to provide assistance to employees who have retired from Paks Nuclear Power Plant or its legal predecessor Paks Nuclear Plant Company, as well to those employees and their family members who find themselves in difficult circumstances.